Little history of the game- How we started
The first escape games like „real room escape” or „escape room” began their activities in Europe in 2011 in the basement of an old building in Budapest, Hungary with a lot of evidences and challenges for the players. In Romania, the first game of its kind was created by our team in 2012, accumulating vast experience to date. Our experience from the past years is a guarantee of quality service offered.

Description of the game- What requires
The task was always the same: the gamers (either they minim two or at most six persons) must be escaped from a locked room. For realising that in succes they need to solve riddles that will arise in the process, more exactly they will revealing the hidden thing in the room, finding the secret information what are hidden from they.
Also, complesion this game causes a lot and detalied interaction between their gamers. The mysteries of the room cannot be solved without a big distributive attention and precision.
Establishing these games we focused on creating a more pleasant atmosphere. Game planning was based on some observations in the field of psychology. Players often talk about irreversible passage of time, a phenomenon called flow experience.

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Back to the future

Back to the future


Dr. Emett Brown, the absent minded professor, the inventor of the time machine, has just forgotten to bring his backup device with him on his most recent journey to the past, the Flux Capacitor. Now he is unable to return to the future unless you and your team manage to help him and find the precious device. Failure is not an option, as distortions in the time continuum are imminent with unpredictable consequences on all of us…

Difficulty level: ★★★★☆



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communist party office

Communist Party Office


The game takes us back to the year 1977. We are in a room of the communist secret police the door just closed and it cannot be opened. The party secretary just went out to lunch to a restaurant in the neighborhood. If the team fails to open the door, it jeopardizes not only the  team member’s life but it’s reputation also. There are a lot of  mysterys and surprizes in the apartment if you suceed resolving them, the door opens automatically. If you cannot resist the pressure just press the panic button, start the alam and wait to be taken by the secret police. The game duration is 60 minutes, if somebody wants to get out of the room before the game ends, he/she has to press the panic button near the exit door. His/her teammates can

Difficulty level: ★★★☆☆

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The Bomb

The Bomb


You’re in the home of a teacher with mental disabilities who is in a specialized hospital. Given the high costs of treatments, relatives decide selling the apartment. You are interested, so you decide to visit the place. Things take an unexpected turn: the relatives leave the apartment, the doors are locked and in seconds a bomb gets activated.
The goal is to manage to open the door in 60 minutes before the bomb explodes… tic tac tic tac..

Difficulty level: ★★★☆☆


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2 Person
    50 RON / person

Menage a trois

3 Persons
    45 RON / person

Quattro Formaggi

4 Persons
    45 RON / person

Cinque Forte, Sextet

5-6 Persons
    45 RON / person




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What happens if you’re late more than 15 minutes from your game reservation?

Unfortunately the game will be rescheduled as a techniqal pause is necessary before the next team’s arrival.


How many members may have a team?

Teams may consist of a minimum of 2 people – max. 5. Recommendation is to be as many as you can (more likely to escape …)


Physical force is necessary to solve the game?

No physical strength is required only thinking and teamwork.


Throughout the game there are things that could scare me (animals, electric shocks and other terrifying things)?

No, the game will increase the level of adrenaline thanks to the success of participants acquired by them after solving some of the puzzles, not because of fear.


Is it dark inside?

No, the room is lit throughout the game.


What happens if I can not go out within an hour?

In this case, the moderator of the game will open the door.


What if during the game a person wants to get out but the team wants to play?

The player presses the panic button by the door, goes out, and the team can play on.


You can solve the game by yourself?



In what time frame is a level of a game rebuilt, and you can feel it as a new adventure?

A level is rebuilt after a year and a half, but this information can be found on our website with all the new infos about our games.


I would like to participate with my colleagues, but I would like our game to be analyzed. Is it possible?



Are video images saved from inside the room?

No, and there is no possibility of saving them.


Can I give a gift voucher to a friend?

Yes, please contact us at the addresses from the contact page.


Can I pay online?

Not for the moment.


Can I pay by bank transfer?

It is possible, but currently only for companies.


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For reservations call:
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