What is
an escape
room ?

A reality adventure game where a team of players (2 to 6 people) has to escape a locked room by solving different puzzles and mysteries using the clues found in the room in 60 minutes. To succeed, the team  needs to have good communication between its members. Our game designs are specifically based on certain discoveries in the area of psychology, the goal is to achieve a high level of player immersion in the game  so that the participants may reach the so-called FLOW state. 

  ”That certain mental state, when people are so absorbed by an activity that nothing else seems to bother them; that experience itself is so pleasant that the people will try to repeat it no matter what, just for the sake of the doing it” -  Mihály Csikszentmihályi researcher in the field of psychology, who first defined the FLOW concept 

 Background - How did we start? 

   The first escape rooms in Europe, like the Real Room or the Escape Room have been built in the basement of an old building in Budapest in 2011. In Romania, the Exit Games team is among the pioneers of the field, our first game was designed and built in 2012 and ever since we have gathered an unmatched experience in Romania, at least we would like to think so...With a track record of more than 13 games, we are happy to be honored with a maximum rating by hundreds of customers on Facebook and Trip Advisor(link reviews FB, TA). That’s the reason why, in terms of quality and entertainment we try to push the boundaries further with each new project we design.   

  The success of an escape room is mostly due to the capacity of the game design team to find the proper balance between the difficulty level and player experience, having the specific goal to achieve a high degree of player immersion into the game. During the game, the players have to communicate with each other in the best possible way, to find as many clues as they can, discover seemingly useless signs, but everything is connected as a jigsaw puzzle, which at the end will give the players the whole picture and the solution to open the door. 

  There are different types of games, escape themed and challenge oriented. All the necessary information is delivered at the briefing before the game starts. There may be situations where teams will be held up by a certain task or understanding a clue, in these cases they can ask the game master for help.

Our challenges


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