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45 Lei / pers


55 Lei

50 Lei / pers


What happens if you’re late more than 15 minutes from your game reservation?

Unfortunately the game will be rescheduled as a techniqal pause is necessary before the next team’s arrival.

How many members may have a team?

Teams may consist of a minimum of 2 people – max. 6. Recommendation is to be as many as you can (more likely to escape …)

Physical force is necessary to solve the game?

No physical strength is required only thinking and teamwork.

Throughout the game there are things that could scare me (animals, electric shocks and other terrifying things)?

No, the game will increase the level of adrenaline thanks to the success of participants acquired by them after solving some of the puzzles, not because of fear.

Is it dark inside?

No, the room is lit throughout the game.

What happens if I can not go out within an hour?

In this case, the moderator of the game will open the door.

What if during the game a person wants to get out but the team wants to play?

The player presses the panic button by the door, goes out, and the team can play on.

You can solve the game by yourself?