1 Panicroom

Biroul PCR

Story of the game

1977, we are in the empty office of the Romanian Communist Party’s secretary, he’s left to have his lunch in the nearby restaurant.Your team’s objective is to escape the room before his arrival. The team needs to gather as much information as possible, to shed some light on the dark secrets of the Secretary’s office. The room is fitted with a performant security system, at the beginning everything is quiet but as time goes by the questions keep multiplying and your team realizes that the situation can have only two endings: escape the room or deal with the system’s “friendly” treatment. In the socialist era, the Romanian Communist Party, has had the absolute power over every aspect of life in the country. The room evokes the sad memory of this era in the straightest possible manner, showing the ridiculous or sometimes even funny nature of things hidden behind the hypocrisy of the system.






Age Limit 12+

Only 3 rooms available for today.


Tuesday \ 2020-09-29 \ Biroul PCR

\ 2020-09-29 \ Biroul PCR

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\ 2020-09-30 \ Biroul PCR

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\ 2020-10-01 \ Biroul PCR